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Are you here to stay.
shinee ; debut
Girl, you get what I’m saying, you know it ain’t no lie
Want us to take some time ‘cuz I really feel your style
I could try and try but love is not about that
Gotta be natural, like I said yeah.


This journal is 80% friends locked ^^

City has a nickname, greed.Collapse )

last year, this year.
db5k ; soon
last year :
i've studied like a mad woman for my O's, squabbled with the softballers, made a great deal out of nothing, reignited my love for dongbang5, met many awesome people in 4B, worked for the very first time, enjoyed life.

this year :
i've fallen in love, got my heart broken, fallen out of love, received my results, cried over cyan having to leave singapore, made more new friends in the office, realized that the softballers are a gift in my life (♥ thank you guys thank you), realized that 4B is irreplaceable as well, attended FOC for the first day and hated it. 

i want to :
make new friends in my class  & school, start loving school again, get my perfect GPA of 4.0 (i must), forget about z, keep in touch with softballers, 4B and colleagues, be more patient, treasure life more, wait for dongbang to be back as 5.

i won't be updating this space anymore, the feelings when i first started this page has changed and it's just weird to have to continue with it. 

i think its locked though, i'll unlock it when i'm not lazy to.


東方神起 ; Rising Gods Of The East.
super junior ; for3v3r
that previous post, it got me so damn hard.

i'm a coward. a freaking coward. SHINee wasn't the first band i fell in love with, the first was DBSK.
and i still continued loving them even though SHINee butted in all of a sudden.
when they separated, i couldn't accept it.
the band that i thought was invincible, the band that i thought would last for a million years, the band that conquered the music scene like a fucking tsunami, was going into different pathways. 
i couldn't stand it, i couldn't, and like the coward i was, i left the fandom.
it was getting too much for me, the fan wars, cassies accusing each other, i couldn't take it. 
i sold away all i had, apart from the O concert photobook. that was special, i can't put my finger to it, but it was. 
i skipped all of their songs when it appeared on my playlist, to hear their voices harmonizing, blending so well, i wasn't ready.
2 years passed. and all of a sudden, everything came rushing back to me. 
i wanted to face up to my fears, conquer them, get over them, and i did. 
it turned out that googling dbsk on google was the best shizz i could have ever done in my entire life. 
i left, that's a fact i'm not proud about. but now, i'm back. 
it has nothing to do with JYJ or HoMin because in my heart, it'll always remain as DB5K. 5orever.

this time, i'll wait. i'll wait for DB5K to make the world's greatest comeback, to sweep the damn world like a fucking tidal wave, to create another legacy, to be, happy as five. 
i will wait.

you ask me now, what is dongbangshinki. and i'll answer, they are a family, a part of me that will never disappear. 
you ask me now, what is so special about dongbangshinki. and i'll answer, they're the only band whose voice blend in together as one, the only band who have been through shit and only came out stronger, the only band when you type in dbsk under the english language and it gets translated into 東方神起 into chinese.
you ask me now, why dongbangshinki. and i'll answer, because there is simply no other way.
Homin from 東方神起, JYJ from 東方神起. thank you @mjjeje, for reviving my faith.

東方神起 ; Rising Gods Of The East.

let's run away: sometimes →
db5k ; soon

i type in yunjae in google and youtube

just to see if anything new comes up.


i look up hangeng

just to see what hes up to.


i watch old clips of yunho

just to remember what it was like to see him smile and mean it.


i look at heechul before and after geng left

© heartofsmoke:


it hurts to think of changmin missing yoochun

eating with supper with him. 

and i wonder when, will it stop hurting, and when will everything be back like it used to be.

if i could ask them just one question, it'd be "are you happy?"

are you?

(no subject)
db5k ; soon
List your favourite member(s) from each of the following groups:
1. DBSK - Jaejoong, Yunho
2. Big Bang - TOP 
3. Super Junior - Heechul, Reyowook
4. SHINee - ... Jonghyun Key Minho Taemin Onew (don't ask me to choose!)
5. 2PM - Junho, Taecyeon
6. 2AM - Jinwoon
7. BEAST - Yoseob, Kikwang
8. F.T. Island - Hongki
9. F.Cuz -
10. ZE:A - 
11. Epik High - Tablo
12. MBLAQ - Joon, Seunghyun, Thunder
13. U-Kiss - Alexander (idc!)
14. SS501 -
15. C.N.Blue - 
16. Girls Generation/SNSD - 
17. Kara - 
18. 2NE1 - CL, Park Bom
19. 4minute - 
20. f(x) - Victoria!
21. Wonder Girls -
22. After School -
23. Brown Eyed Girls - Gain
24. Rainbow -
25. T-ara - Eunjung
26. Jewelry -
27. Seeya -
28. Davichi -
29. Secret -
30. Infinite -
31. CSJH - ALL.
32. GP Basic -
33. Co-Ed -
34. Miss A - 
35. Sistar -
36. Block B -
37. Teen Top - 
Favorite boy group/s + duos?

Favorite girl group/s + duos?

Favorite mixed groups?
SM The Ballad, Anyband (♥)

Favorite pairings from the stated groups, or any other Kpop artist/s?
Jongkey (duh), 2min, GTop.

Favorite solo artist/s?
Se7en, Wheesung, Younha

Favorite songs right now?
Love Song - Big Bang

First kpop song ever?
Replay - SHINee

First kpop music video ever?
Replay - SHINee

First kpop love (group/solo)?
SHINee hehehehehe ♥

First variety show?
SHINee Yunhanam lol.

Any dance you can do (from a MV)

A song you always/usually listen to EVERY day?
It varies

Your favorite music video?
Replay ♥ (SHINee + Victoria!)

Any of your friends into kpop and who?
uhm, not really.

First Groups of people that I know

Which group/artists can you see yourself being dedicated to for the rest of your time into Kpop?
SHINee (for many fucking years and on going)
I'm doing this cuz i'm bored and i haven't been doing any serious blogging lately!
Even on blogger :/ anyway, its time to switch to a fresh new batch of icons!
Tmrw maybe ♥
-then up till here-

Maybe, maybe not.
db5k ; soon
Just thought you might want to know


Maybe i'll be going there forever, but the possibility of me doing so is highly impossible.
We'll see.

You won't miss me.

-then up to here-

(no subject)
db5k ; soon
I really need to control how i spend my money, y'know?
Cuz im going broke. Here's a rough calculation on what i've spent my $$ on, fandom that is.

  •  Jonghyun The Cross photobook $90
  • Key Keysyou photobook $48
  • Minho Beautiful Days photobook $54
  • Jonghyun Soul Sense calendar $27
  • Key Romeo Album $11
  • SHINee Amigo Album $11
  • SHINee World B/W Album $11
  • SHINee World Concert Bromides (jjong key minho) $60
  • SHINee World Postcard Set $25
  • SHINee World Photoset $25

FML, you go calculate yourself. Forget it, i spent $362 just on SHINee -o-
I alr had all their albums but i had to get Key's Romeo album :/ i just had to ;~; that sux srsly.
My SHINee World b/w album was the tw version so i wanted the korean version, my amigo album had a tear during shipping so i wanted a new one.
RAWR. So, i bought 3 albums on impulse when i alr had them. (okay, Key's wasn't. I wanted that for ages) 
Plus im still getting Yunjae's photobook etc. I need to exercise self control tmd.
Not the forget, this excludes movies, other excessive spendings on clutters, junk, outings.
Now that im looking back though, its all worth it actually. Zomg.
But it is ):

Proper post soon, i promise :/

-then up to here-

SHINee Collection
shinee ; forever
Was just looking through my entire SHINee collection and i realised that i've been pretty crazy over them.
No, correct that. I still am crazy over them :/
Took a picture of my entire collection and this is what i (currently) have collected since 2008 :

(pictures to be uploaded)

SHINee World ♥Collapse )

-then up to here-

Friend's cut.
db5k ; soon
i don't have many friends on livejournal, but that isn't stopping me from doing a friend's cut.
so goodbye to all those whom i've never spoken to, added on impulse, never updated their journals.
we didn't communicate much, and some journals were lying dead. stagnant.
some i added on impulse, and we never talked afterwards.
maybe things just weren't meant to be.

if you wna know if you've been unfriended, click here.

then again, maybe we'll meet. and have more topics to talk about.

-then up to here-

(no subject)
db5k ; soon
the image of singapore fans got ruined, again -_- cuz a bunch of crazy fans went to bang into suju's car.
wtf srsly, i can bet you a millon bux that those fans are the newer fans.
god, the ultimate reason why i hate the kwave. 
not only its irritating that the newer fans always seem to have never ending pocket money and attend all the concert and brag like some retards, they always seem to be able to tarnish our reputation >(
after SHINee in 2010, the rest just came in like wildfire.
yeah, i mad -o- i honestly srsly cannot stand the craziness of it all. sometimes, i just wna swear off kpop altogether.
but gdi, SHINee's still there. hurr hurr.

pissy rn. lotsa uncompleted school work which reminds me, i have to tidy my cupboard. again.

-then up to here-

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